Me getting to hold sweet baby Greer

I cannot thank Gillian enough for the information and guidance that helped me through my pregnancy and labor. She provided balanced, objective, and scientific information which gave me the confidence to labor drug-free and my husband the confidence to handle the birthing experience. It really opened our eyes as to how natural birthing can be, and how much hospitals and doctors practice toward the worst-case scenario. We were well educated to interact with the medical staff and make informed decisions at various times without fear or panic. Labor is a character building experience, and I found it a manageable and extremely rewarding one at which I can look back with a smile – and I could not have done it without Gillian.

– Monique, mom to Milo

Gillian is a warm, dedicated and nurturing doula. I was so lucky to find her! We were a bit untraditional in our use of Gillian because we decided to keep her on call even though we were already admitted into the hospital. By our choice, she arrived just in time for the birth of our daughter. Even though we didn’t use her for the labor, she was so instrumental in getting me settled into my room after the birth. Thanks to her I was well cared for and felt at ease by the time she left. Her post-partum follow up was excellent and she’s always there for me when I want to bend her ear. I highly recommend her!

– Jean, mom to Violet and Greer (pictured above)

Gillian was an inspiring presence in our home after the birth of Isaac. She helped me and Dan to foster that essential close and loving conversation with our baby that now, seven months later, has helped shape us into being the parents we are to this wonderful boy. And she brought so much joy into our home! Helped us to stick to our ideals of co-sleeping, baby-wearing, breast-feeding, cloth-diapering, healthy living…I’ll never forget the day she brought the big bottle of olive oil from the kitchen and healed Isaac’s diaper rash. Believe me, that olive oil is still there on the diaper table. She was a wonderful post-partum doula, and a real friend to a new mom!

– Mary, mom to Isaac

We felt an instant connection to Gillian when searching for a doula for our first birth. She literally lights up when she talks about her work, and is so up to date on the current trends and research in the birthing world. Objective, but warmer than any doula we’ve ever met, she exuded confidence in our plan to have a natural birth. When things went slightly awry and we needed to be induced 2 weeks early, Gillian was there for us all the way. She arrived 3.5 hours into the labor and Liam was born 2.5 hours later without need for Pitocin or any pain medication. She was instrumental is helping Dani support, and talked us through contractions and medical decisions with calm expertise. Our midwife worked side-by-side with Gillian from the moment she entered the room and left us feeling we were in the best hands in New York City. ‘Thank you’ doesn’t begin to sum up our gratitude.

-Clare and Dani, parents to Liam

Having a baby can leave a woman – and a family- feeling vulnerable and impressionable – in all the best and most challenging ways. Gillian is a gentle guide through that chaotic and exciting time. She is, amazingly, both completely unobtrusive and yet intuitively knows what you need and steps in to help. Widely knowledgable about all things mommy and baby she imparts her wisdom in a way that leaves you feeling empowered with your own intuition strengthened. Having Gillian’s help post partum transformed our experience of this crucial time period. Her services are a terrific investment. In all of my personal and professional experience I have never hired someone who so exceeded my expectations.

– Leah , mom to North

Watch a birth doula at work: Martin’s Birth – one of the coolest births I have ever attended!!

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