Where and How much are classes?

Inwood – my humble home
Washington Heights – Mind Body Soul Healing Center, at 170 & Fort Washington Ave
Riverdale – Riverdale Jewish Center, 3700 Indepence Ave
Harlem – Land Yoga, 2116 Frederick Douglass Blvd
and wherever else will welcome me with open arms
New York, NY

Fee: $400.00. Space is limited. Make-ups are included.

Sliding Scale offered on an individual basis, or through the Nurse-Family Partnership.


What EXACTLY is included in Uptown Birth’s classes?

Topics Include:

– Introduction to Childbirth / Ways of Handling Pain

– Exercise: Birth as an Athletic Event

– Nutrition in Pregnancy

– Gestation: Anatomy of Pregnancy and Birth

– The Coach’s Role

– Emotional Signposts of Labor

– First Stage Labor & Second Stage of Labor

– Planning your Birth

– Variations and Unexpected Situations

– Postpartum Preparation

– Basic Introduction to Newborn Care: breastfeeding beginnings, swaddling, and babywearing.

I also include a copy of Susan McCutcheon’s Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way, and a Student Binder.

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