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Birth Focus is excited to welcome Gena Kirby back to NYC to teach us all about Rebozo awesomeness!



Sunday, September 22, 10am-4pm

Classical Wellness Center

Early Bird tickets are STILL AVAILABLE at a discounted rate of $110!

Expectant couples looking to add this amazing resource to their knowledge toolkit in labor please contact Gillian for rates.

Professional attendee tickets are still available for $135 – but limited!

See the BirthFocus post here for more information or register directly via Eventbrite here.

Most commonly asked questions:

Course Credit? Yes, 6 ICEA CEUs are offered with this course.

Can I bring my baby? Nursing babes in arms are always welcome in Gena’s class. Expect them to get held and cooed at. You’ve been warned.

What if I get called to a birth? Gena’s a doula too. Full refunds are available for births, via Eventbrite if before the class and PayPal if afterwards.

There’s also a special event happening the night before, more on that here.

Hello all! I’ve been asked to speak at a Q&A (!!) following the “Sister” Documentary screening this Sat evening, 8/10, 8:15pm, at the Bronx Documentary Center. And I need your help!!


Please help spread the word.
Twitter @Sister_Doc
Location & ticket info:

Sister tells the story of health workers from Ethiopia, Cambodia and Haiti, explores how they find meaning while working under difficult circumstances and reveals maternal and newborn death as a human rights issue. Panelists for the Q&A following the screening include not only the filmmaker herself, Brenda Davis, but myself, Denise West (the Deputy Executive Director of the Brooklyn Perinatal Network. You can see the programs the BPN has been involved in here:, and a midwife who serves in the Bronx and Queens, her name is Frances Perez-Hernandez.

The focus will be on medical and healthcare for underserved mothers and children.

Here are directions (I find mass transit easier but there’s an outdoor parking lot directly next door):
Start time 8:15pm: weather permitting we’ll hold the screening in the BDC’s backyard.

We’re located at 614 Courtlandt Ave (@ 151st St.) Bronx, NY 10451

Subway: 2/5 train to 3rd Ave-149th Street stop (NOT 149th St.-Grand Concourse). We are located three blocks from the station. Walk uphill one block on 149th st. and make a right on Courtlandt Ave. Walk two blocks to the mansion on the corner of 151st.

Bus: BX6, BX13, BX32, BX41

Car: 24-hr Parking Available Next Door to BDC

Tickets available via in advance.

I’m a Childbirth Educator. I LOVE teaching couples about partner based, natural births, had two amazing births (I feel against many odds) because of the full spectrum of education my own courses gave me. As an educator, I charge myself with delivering confidence to my expectant parents in the birth process, knowing the lens I view information with can color their decision making; how I choose to phrase or label things can be carried through to another, unsuspecting ear, like their not even pregnant sister-in-law. Sorry about that. Thus, I teach the stages of labor, clearly defined junctures where hormones and anatomy coalesce into easily defined periods.

But is that how labor really works? Are they really defined strictly, or this a general framework we use to make sense of a highly intense, emotional journey?

The more and more births I go to the more I can say with confidence that labor stages exist, absolutely, but they are anything but clearly defined. A woman’s individual temperment provides the backdrop, the hormones provide the shifting of her into a different, mammalian brain space, and here we are, an entire person going through labor. Not just a list of symptoms.

Gena Kirby is coming to NYC to teach her Rebozo Technique Workshop for us again, and BirthFocus is taking this opportunity to charge you with joining us for an intimate evening to discuss the “Holistic Stages of Labor.” As an extremely well qualified and experienced doula, childbirth educator, and mom she presets this as a shift in viewpoint. Her passion for her work is a jolt of energy to recharge your own mission.

I think this is just as perfect for new doulas starting out as it it for seasoned educators looking for an educating and enlivened perspective. And what better way for us to embrace self care for each other’s work by joining together, increasing our knowledge to pass on to our own clients and students, and maybe drink a little wine.

So after she goes to speak at the U.N., yup, that kind of important person, we have this opportunity. I hope you’ll join us.

March 8th, 6:00-8:30pm, Downtown Hotel TBA upon registration, $45

Gena Kirby


**Latest Updates here**

Our Supportive, Participating Vendors:

Renew Physical Therapy Team, with owner/creator Isa Herrera

This is the big one – she’s selling her amazing book “Ending Female Pain” at a 30% discount just for us!! ONLY $20!! Also making an appearance herself for questions and book signing, her Renew Physical Therapy Team will be on site the entire event to educate, reassure, and do demonstrations.

Metromini’s, with Carolina Bianca, Koyuki Smith and Tiffany Johnson

Inwood Acupuncture, Kristin Carnahan

BirthFocus, represented by Elizabeth Mangum-Sarach, the operator/coordinator

MELT, Edya Kalev

Urban Body Fix, Larry Rogowsky

Pamela Korson, LCSW, who runs the Mom Support Groups at Land Yoga

NYC Doula Coop, represented by Nicole Ganzekaufer, the community outreach coordinator, as well as Maiysha Campbell & Annette Perel

Bev Solow, IBCLC

La Leche League, represented by leader Heather McFadden

Brazen Lingerie, Anina Young

Hypnobabies Instructor, Tamara Srdanovic

Nurse-Family Partnership, in association with Harlem Hospital, a mother-baby friendly certified hospital, represented by Andrea Albert

BABYlon, Ute Keyes

Karen Greene, Ph.D., a Clinical Psychologist who specializes in Postpartum Disorders and would love to start a new mom’s support group on the UWS

Make My Cake!! – This means free cake while supplies last. People. FREE CAKE. We win. Truly, take a moment to savor this completely donated gift from them just for our mommas.

And of course, a very special thank you to the women volunteering their time to help out Lara Land, Owner of Land Yoga, and myself:

Candice Taylor, & Ola of Know Thyself – yogi’s

Julia Mannes & Patty Moreno-Fletcher – birth and postpartum doulas, educators and more

Monique Chang – mompreneur of CitySage

Jeanine Persichini – A Ginger Snap professional photographer and Mother-in-Law extraordinare (She’s really here for the Golden Child.)

We have an official photographer!! Alexandra Neuber, a local mom and professional, will be there to take beautiful and candid shots of our event. Please take a moment to thank her for generously donating her time, equipment and talent.


– Prenatal Yoga Series from Land Yoga ($95 value)

– Free 30 minute evaluation from Isa Herrera and the Renew Physical Therapy Team (as well as their own private table raffle!!)

– My Breast Friend pillow, from Uptown Birth

– a free Childbirth Education series, by Uptown Birth

– “Best Birth Book Package” of Ina May’s Guide to Birth, Birth Partner, and Breastfeeding Made Simple, from Uptown Birth

– Beautiful new ring sling, from Urban Babywearing

– Nursing Tank from Brazen Lingerie

– Hypnobabies CDs: “Eliminate Nausea Now!” & ” After Your Baby Comes” (value at $18+ each), from Tamara Srdanovic of HypnobabiesNYC

– A set of MELT balls, from Edya Kalev

– A gift certificate from You, Me N Dupri, a great new Harlem boutique children’s clothing shop

Franz James Floral Boutique bouquet

Indian Road Cafe gift certificate

– free private Infant/Child CPR session in home, by Anastasia Libovich, HeartWise CPR

– “Coach’s Pack” of a birthing ball and two books: Natural Hospital Birth and Becoming a Father by Dr. Sears, by Stephanie Powers-delPino

– Free consultation with RLKBirth (Risa Klein, hospital midwife)

BabyFingers DVD/booklet combo & webinar, by Lora Heller, My Baby Fingers

Music Together gift certificate, by City Kids Music

Let’s Talk Schools, free admission to one event ($20 value)

Kidberry donation (TBD)

Hyland’s gift set, one of each of their products, generous donation from Company


Pregnancy teas by CitySage, Homemade soaps by Neighborhood Bath, Chapsticks from MaiDoula Maiysha Campbell, Stickers from NYCDoulaCoop, Young Living Thieves brochures & oil samples from Edya Kalev, You Me N Dupri coupons, Boudreaux’s Butt paste samples, Lansinoh brochures, breastpads and lanolin oil samples, magnets from OM Birth Midwifery services, Milkin’ Mamas breastfeeding storage magnets, as well as brochures from Upper Breast Side, API (Attachment Parenting International), NYS WIC program, Choices in Childbirth, Nurse-Family Partnership, DoulaCare a Postpartum Doula Service by Ruth Callahan, Tanya Wills Manhattan Doula NYC, Your Nurtured Birth via Sandi DeGeorge Birthing from With Instructor and Doula, Sakina O’Huru Midwife, Amanda Camerino a specialist in peri-natal personal training, AND last but not least, business and contact information for most of the vendors and donors listed above.

A special thank you to Franz James Floral Boutique for dressing the space in flowers, AND donating a raffle prize. It will be a full and beautiful event because of them! (And they’re just next door, so stop by and smell some roses!)

*Please note donations will are going to be accepted in honor of Bread and Yoga’s Fire Tragedy. Please help us support our community and the wonderful people that have created our best resources.*


Uptown Birth is pleased to sponsor:

Neonatal Resuscitation Workshop with Karen Strange of

NYC – November 1st!

As a Birth Doula in Training, I truly feel it is every birth professional’s responsibility to have an NRP card. Neonatal Resuscitation not only saves lives, but helps caregivers know how to assist in the transition of a baby after a long labor, or post-intervention.

For me, it is a topic that is very near and dear to my heart, as my own son needed resuscitation immediately after being born.

My sweet boy after being deep suctioned and resuscitated, i.e. angry at us all

One name continued to pop up as I asked around for my own training: Karen Strange. Not only a Certified Professional Midwife and AAP/NRP Instructor, she is a true advocate for pre and perinatal information.

NOW, with the support of the members of the Metropolitan Doula Group and Birth Day Presence, I am proud to present a full day workshop for childbirth professionals.


Monday, November 1st, 2010 Regular Workshop from 8:00 am – 6:00 pm



Birth Day Presence – their new Soho Location!

580 Broadway, Suite 304, New York, NY 10012, between Houston & Prince

near the B, D, F, M, N, R, 4 & 6 trains


Fulfills AAP/AHA NRP course of completion (i.e. you get the card)

Evidenced based updates, out of hospital considerations, and more (Including pre-workshop required reading)


$220 for 1st timer / $210 if renewing

$100 due by October 11th for Pre-registration, balance of fee due the day of the workshop


Follow the links for the brochure, required reading and the registration form.


As always, contact me with any questions – and in the meantime, if you’ve had a chance to take a workshop with Karen give us a review in the comments below!

Contact Me

Gillian Foreman 347.565.5597

Cause you can’t get enuff:

Now teaching Babywearing!!

Uptown Birth has expanded its reach to include Babywearing! Look for Urban Babywearing in Harlem, Inwood, Riverdale, and Upper East Side!

Contact NFP

Nurse-Family Partnership Andrea Albert e-mail 917.440.2962