**Gillian will no longer be taking birth clients in NYC  nor updating the Uptown Birth schedule as she transitions over to her new home. ***

I’m your regular everyday woman who got pregnant knowing I’d walk into the nearest hospital (convenience being more important to me then than … well anything), ask for my pain meds, and they’d hand me my baby. I had no idea what the difference was between a midwife & a doula, and I certainly didn’t know anything about Babywearing!! What happened in those months of my first son’s pregnancy was a journey, a transformation, an education – call it whatever you want, I got hooked. Now I get to see that happen all around me.

Since that birth I haven’t wanted to stop learning about it all! I’m now a Childbirth Educator, a Babywearing Educator, Certified Lactation Counselor and a DONA Certified Doula. (See the fancy letters behind my name? Unidentifiable acronyms no more!) I’m also a trained Postpartum Doula, Hypnobirthing trained Doula, and have my Neonatal Resuscitation card.

I like birthy stuff. I mean, I like all of it: helping with pregnancy, preparing for baby, getting educated about birth, the first hour skin-to-skin, breastfeeding troubleshooting, Babywearing, & sanity checks. Kind of in that order but not necessarily.

In my past life, I was an engineer (still love math) turned Interior Designer with my Bachelors from the School of Architecture at the University of Texas in Arlington. I am married to an overly supportive workaholic husband in his fellowship as a NeuroIntensivist and together we’ve had two amazing boys. Shameless photos of the latter can be found all over this site.

Having our babies, well, we’re MEANT to do this as a community. “It takes a village” sound familiar? So explore yours, get connected & get educated about this new adventure!


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