A Mother’s Day Celebration for mothers-to-be AND current mommas!

In Association with Urban Babywearing, I’m doing a FREE Goody Bag giveaway on Sunday morning, May 12th, Mother’s Day, 10-12:30, at the new Dichter’s Pharmacy & Soda Fountain!
Located near the corner of 207 & Broadway (past the plywood scaffolding).

This is not just to spread babywearing love & info, and not just for the coupon for a free scoop of ice cream Manny is letting us make & pass out exclusively for caregivers with kiddos in tow. … But while I’m there …

So bring in your belly, your baby, your carriers and strollers! Check out Manny’s new place, while feeling free to ask me questions about anything: babywearing, Breastfeeding, doulas, etc. Or simply grab & go. Either way, its FREE!

What’s included?
You know I just couldn’t resist the temptation to spread some birthy love & information. I encourage you to give what you might otherwise throw away to someone who can use it:
– NYC Healthy Birth Guides
– La Leche League Manhattan Meeting dates for the next quarter
– my own business card, Uptown Birth
– BirthFocus postcard, to help find a doula
Milkin’ Mamas Breast Milk Donation brochure & convenient refrigerator magnet outlining breast milk storage guidelines

And OF COURSE it also includes:
Urban Babywearing stuff (product brochure, 10% off any carrier coupon, event stuff)
– Dichter Pharmacy coupon, good for one single scoop of ice cream on a cone for any caregiver who comes in with a child. sweet
– Mamapalooza flyer, happening May 19th. Yes, we’ll be there too, but with ALL our products.
– Darling Coffee frequent addict, err, customer card
– Sample satchets of Weleda products AND coupons. A very generous company, and in stock at Dichter’s.
– Chloe the Yogi cards, yoga for kids – As an app!! (Sponsored by Land Yoga)
– Mind Body Soul Yoga & Healing Center info (Another place we teach & will have stock at for your convenience)

More to be listed as we fill up our bags!!! So come back to check for updates & additions to the list!

See you Sunday!