I’m a Childbirth Educator. I LOVE teaching couples about partner based, natural births, had two amazing births (I feel against many odds) because of the full spectrum of education my own courses gave me. As an educator, I charge myself with delivering confidence to my expectant parents in the birth process, knowing the lens I view information with can color their decision making; how I choose to phrase or label things can be carried through to another, unsuspecting ear, like their not even pregnant sister-in-law. Sorry about that. Thus, I teach the stages of labor, clearly defined junctures where hormones and anatomy coalesce into easily defined periods.

But is that how labor really works? Are they really defined strictly, or this a general framework we use to make sense of a highly intense, emotional journey?

The more and more births I go to the more I can say with confidence that labor stages exist, absolutely, but they are anything but clearly defined. A woman’s individual temperment provides the backdrop, the hormones provide the shifting of her into a different, mammalian brain space, and here we are, an entire person going through labor. Not just a list of symptoms.

Gena Kirby is coming to NYC to teach her Rebozo Technique Workshop for us again, and BirthFocus is taking this opportunity to charge you with joining us for an intimate evening to discuss the “Holistic Stages of Labor.” As an extremely well qualified and experienced doula, childbirth educator, and mom she presets this as a shift in viewpoint. Her passion for her work is a jolt of energy to recharge your own mission.

I think this is just as perfect for new doulas starting out as it it for seasoned educators looking for an educating and enlivened perspective. And what better way for us to embrace self care for each other’s work by joining together, increasing our knowledge to pass on to our own clients and students, and maybe drink a little wine.

So after she goes to speak at the U.N., yup, that kind of important person, we have this opportunity. I hope you’ll join us.

March 8th, 6:00-8:30pm, Downtown Hotel TBA upon registration, $45

Gena Kirby