We’re taking a small break announcing the Birth Fair to reflect on the sudden, unexpected loss of one of uptown’s greatest spots for yoga, culture and community events: Bread and Yoga.

Last night, a terrible fire destroyed this landmark as well as 9 other businesses. (The link connects to the DNAInfo story as well as listing the other businesses and the tweets that circulated the story in record time last night.)

If you are planning on attending the Birth Fair Uptown! please note we will be doing a small informal collection for Marcela Xavier, owner and operator of Bread and Yoga. Donations will be given directly to her to support her and her family during this time.

Please contact us separately for any questions.


Gillian Foreman – Uptown Birth

Lara Land – Land Yoga

***UPDATE: A facebook page, Inwood Community Group, has been started to support the businesses lost in this fire. Furry Fiends is among those also needing support. As part of the birth community, I know the owner and his expectant wife are already looking forward. Please help as you are able. Thank you again!!***