"The Cuddle" Featuring Swan and Mommy

Swan's First Close-Up

Swan’s Birth Story is a great testament to the power of positive thinking: more specifically a positive belief in our body’s ability to have our children. We’re so proud of you Edya!

Swan – Born 12:44am Tuesday morning 3/23/10

After a slow and nervous start to my labor, assisted by acupuncture, homeopathy, the power of positive visualization and all of your support, I had a quick and smooth delivery.

We transferred from the Morris Heights Birthing Center to St. Vincent’s Hospital after there was some concern over the baby’s heart rate, but she came through it like a trouper.

After about 4.5 hours of regular contractions, my water broke.  A mere 15 minutes and 5 pushes later, Swan flew into the world.

I understand now why many women request epidurals.  I have only the greatest admiration for those who endure many long hours of labor and am grateful that mine was short and no medication was necessary.

Little Swan was indeed a little bird, weighing just 5lbs and 3 ounces at birth.  Hospital staff watched her carefully for a few days to make sure she was eating and gaining weight.  We just arrived home last night.

I am happy to report that Swan is now a great eater and sleeper, and very good natured. We are having a great time getting to know each other.  Daddy Colin is very proud.

Thanks again for all your warm wishes and support.

And we will surely keep you updated about this journey!