First of all, read this article :

Outcomes of planned home birth with registered midwife versus planned hospital birth with midwife or physician*

published by CMAJ, August 31, 2009

*I’m not a real wait-until-the-end-for-your-disclaimer-kind-of-girl, so, DISCLAIMER: My physician husband taught me that anything including a 1.00 CI value (confidence interval value) is not statistically significant. So note in these outcomes that the perinatal (around birth) death rate is not statistically significant, while the rates of interventions and adverse outcomes were. Interesting.

This article came across my ICAN tweets today, and my first thought was “Well DUH.”

Which yes, is a very 90s reference . . . which got me to thinking . . . which got me all angry.

How MANY times do we hear women saying, “So then we just didn’t want to worry.” or “Well, we just wanted to play it safe.” to explain why they went with a c-section or immediate induction. When it’s NOT safer. End of story, point blank.

Don’t get me wrong, I know women who ended up with cesarean’s beyond their control, life saving measures; I know beautiful, strong women who went with c-sections because they’d suffer losses before. And no, I have never had to deal with either of those situations.

But let’s get a little controversial. Statistically speaking cesarean sections are more dangerous, have worse outcomes, and create a much larger risk for mother and baby. The medical community knows this, yet downplays it. Yes, yes, we say, it’s a major abdominal surgery, but oh it’ll be so much easier.

I know I’m not the first person to ever say this. By far. In our mechanized, processed, overly scheduled world we want birth to fit snugly in our day calendar between eyebrow waxing and picking up the drycleaning. BIRTH. The introduction of a member of our species into this world, our family, our lives.

What to do about it? Spread the word. Not propaganda or pathos, just the facts. Studies, stories, remind people the doctors are people too, fallible and answerable to so many things beyond their control it’s shameful (insurance, hospital rules, practice standards).

Because babies are dying. Mothers are dying. Autism is rising. Bonding is negligible. And it’s getting worse.

Thus – I am angry.