Ok, I need a cheering section.

PEOPLE – it’s the 18th of January! This blog has been up a month and a freaking half. There is no About Me section typed, no Birth Story page completed, no “content.” Just gratuitous pictures of my child; albeit adorable gratuity, yes.

And that’s where I get hung up. My fabulous neighbor, now crazy close friend, and current bloggess extraordinare Manhattan’s Peak tells me so. That five minutes is all you and I need together (me and my beautiful Mac really) to express whats-a-going-on in my world. That’s its not a website I’m building but a personal blog.

And I WANT you to get to know me, hear my story, know why I want to help change the face of birth for women. Because the idea and reality of birth changed for me after I became pregnant with my son. I went from always being good at a job, to finding something I was truly passionate about.

But first we gotta get past the hurdle – I’m seeing this as a chore. So I need rah-rahs, words of inspiration, help. New blogger to season pros, I am reaching out to you. Battling my urge to sound with it and well read and procrastinate in the face of ‘content’ to pure reality. Cause I may be passionate but idiotic things like paying bills and editing is getting all up in my way.

Oh, and one more shot of Mr. Cuteness, you know, for old time’s sake:

"Get your drunken baby! Passed out baby here!"