While we all know I could backdate these puppies, let’s just be honest. It’s time to do a MASS PROCRASTINATOR STYLE CATCH-UP on the ol’ December Photo Challenge.

I’ve been great about taking the actual pictures, yes, but not doing the postings. Which was the point, yes? Go figure. So here goes.

Pay attention to captions, folks. That’s where the gold is.

21 photos of Christmas:

BELLS . . . freaking shiny & Noisy!?! . . . BELLLSS!!

DPC #7 – celebrating all things clangable, bangable, and worth sticking one’s tongue out for.

A day in the life of TRIPLETS

DPC #8 – Ok, ok, it was more like a few hours in the life. But MAN, oh man. Those few hours . . . . . redefines holiday chaos.

What's the saying? A man and his toys . . .

DPC #9 – Have you SEEN a happier face? And we don’t even have cable! (A more than lovely gift from my supportive father-in-law.)

Cupcakes, hearts & flowers. If you got it - Rock it.

DPC #10 – What can I say? My boy looks good in pink.

Christmas cards go out!!

The Inside of our Card - a little way to offend most of the southern people on our whole list!

DPC #11.1 & #11.2 – Our fab 60s Christmas card! Thanks to the @j9pers for the photo & effects (including tree!).

Inwood Shines Bright goes live!!

DPC #12 – ManhattansPeak creates Inwood Shines Bright – a way to inspire our communities businesses and residents to get into the holiday spirit!

"The Project" (insert groan)

DPC #13 – The Project: that which I almost killed myself over to prepare for Jude’s maternal great-grandmother. Let me tell you kids something – long distance group projects are NOT for the faint of heart. Nor for the light on sleep.

Bake-Fest 2009

DPC #14 – What is it about this time of year that makes me go into a baking/crafty/homemade frenzy?! Betty Crocker, and all my southernness, is made proud.

Almost Party Time!

DPC #15 – Impromptu Party fixes ensuing chaos and makes us appear . . . normal. (Ha!)

Our Gorgeous Tree

DPC #16 – Complete with presents!

You can't handle The Cute.

DPC #17 – My two favorite men. 🙂

And the stockings were hung . . .

DPC #18 –  . . . over the couch with care.

See all you gotta do is hold the shift key, while cntrl+3, and . . .

DPC #19 – Our e-trade baby.

I don't WANNA get bundled up!

DPC #20 – So it snowed. That was just fine. Preparing FOR the snow on the other hand elicited a few, uh . . comments from our peanut gallery.

The Motherlode!

DPC #21 – ManhattanSpeak & I went a freezing, er, posting flyers for Inwood Shines Bright and found it all! Sparkling lights, a carousel, a nativity scene, frosty the snowman family cottage – and my favorite! Light Up Palm Trees. Awesome.

Snow Day Part Deux

DPC #22 – And thus we try again. Yep. He loves it.


DPC #23 – Whew! A wardrobe for cold weather is approved by his highness!

Full Contact Camera Work

DPC #24 – When a toddler gets hold of the surprise gifts from Mrs.Claus on Christmas Eve – watch out!

The Purest Joy . . . is banging on things

DPC #25 – Not sure just one photo can truly capture the joy this child experienced opening his drumset. At Long Last! The woman will let me bang on stuff!!

You guys crack me up

DPC #26 – Festivities continue Day 2 as we open & skype on the big screen. Grandmommy’s bigger than real life!!

AND, today!

Kelty Test Run

DPC #27 – Crazy cool Christmas gift from Nini proves a full success! The Kelty Kid Carrier – no struggling, no crying, all good. Even my back was happy!

And all caught up!! Whew!